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History of Jelangkung

Jelangkung is a traditional game calling ghost or spirit into the particular medium, such as coconut dolls, doll clothes and fed markers, banana stem, coins, etc.

Use of the term “Jelangkung” allegedly associated with a traditional Chinese beliefs that have become extinct. This ritual is about the existence of the power of the Gods “Poyang” and “Moyang” (similar to the term “ancestor”) are Cay Lan Gong and Cay Lan Tse. They are believed to be the patron God of the children. Cay Lan Gong game is played by teenager when the moon festival.
In Cay Lan Gong ritual, “Poyang” and “Moyang” were called on order to get into a doll. At the end of the doll’s hand is tied a stationery, usually limestone. The doll also decorated with human clothes, worn keys and exposed to a blackboard, as they lit incense. When the doll became heavy, they think it is a sign that the doll had been possessed by the spirit and move nodded as a sign to agree after asked to ready or not to be asked, the answer of the questions will be written by the spirit who possess the doll on the blackboard.

Picture of Jelangkung
The Cay Lan Gong ritual itself has long been extinct in China, but the ritual and the name was later absorbed into other languages, one of the other languages is Indonesian with Jelangkung term. In contrast to Cay Lan Gong, the media used to accommodate the spirit is a dipper accompanied with incense and flame fireplace.  In ancient times, a dipper made from coconut shell that is given wooden handle. In Indonesia, Jelangkung is better known as a ritual summoning spirits through coconut-headed doll dressed clothes. This doll will be held by two children and is guided by a handler that calls the spirit with a spell. The answers of all questions will be written on a piece of paper, slate or limestone. This ritual in its development in Indonesia began to be used for things other than games, like to find information about the diagnosis and treatment of disease by non-conventional practitioners.

Playing Jelangkung was not easy and generally done by three people, two persons hold the Jelangkung doll and a handler who cast a spell. The game is mostly done in a place that is believed to be haunted and usually in the late afternoon.
The game is usually played in groups during the bright moon, and when the spirit comes, the spirit will introduce itself and told with the help of stationery. During its development, the game becomes quite simple, can be done quite simply by using a term with a full circular image with letters if the alphabet illustrated in the paper, and accompany by a simple spell.

The game features various versions of the languages, the Indonesian language version of the spell is:
“Jelangkung jelangsat, Di sini ada pesta, Pesta kecil-kecilan, Jelangkung jelangsat, Datang tidak diundang, Pergi tidak diantar.”

The spell is spoken many times and after the spirit is believed to have entered into the doll, then the player can ask whatever they want. The questions will be answered with stationery tied under the doll.

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